May 15, 2006 – Yamaha develops surface finishing technology

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed a new surface finishing technology called “Film-on-Graphics,” designed to enable 3D and “phosphorescence” effects considered difficult to realize with conventional coating technologies.
Film-on-Graphics technology employs special film, prepared by printing, adhesive coating or whatever treatment is required in the application. The film is then heated and pressed against the surface of objects — such as parts or components — in a vacuum chamber to give them a precisely colored and patterned decorative finish.
Yamaha says the new technology offers a number of advantages over conventional approaches:

  • Enables texture, quality and sophistication of design considered difficult to realize with conventional technologies;
  • Provides exterior parts and components the necessary resistance against weathering and scratches;
  • Applicable on curved resins and metals alike;
  • Easily adapted to multiple, small lot and custom production needs;
  • Reduces the amount of volatile organic chemicals in the production process to approximately one fifth that of conventional processes;
  • and, allows easier recycling of parts and components.
    The new technology has a broad range of application for exterior parts and components, such as covers, cowlings and fenders of motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. psb

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