March 13, 2006 – ‘Tried-and-true’ style for new leather apparel line

CINCINNATI — Custom Chrome debuted a new leather apparel line with a classic look at the V-Twin Expo.
The name of the new apparel line — Highway One — isn’t new, but Brand Manager Lee Block promises some old problems won’t be reoccurring with the new men’s and women’s line. Block said when he started with the company about a year and a half ago Custom’s leather apparel was plagued, at times, by old product, production issues and lack of a marketable brand. Custom’s previous leather apparel lines were marked under different brands, Chrome Gear and Highway One to name two.
Now, Custom Chrome’s lone leather apparel line will be the Highway One brand.
“I felt Highway One is more a marketable brand than Chrome Gear,” Block said. “It’s a brand that can cross on to many products lines or to the metric market also.”
So the Highway One brand name could be tied to other products in the future, including hard parts. But for now, the Highway One line will feature boots, gloves, jackets, chaps and vests. Leather accessories, such as saddlebags, could come in the future.
The street bike apparel will include two ranges, a premium, higher-priced line and a classic, lower-priced line.
For jackets, the premium price will be $200-$249 retail and could include a zip-out liner and neck-warmer features. The classic jacket would be priced from $109-$200 retail. Most of the leather jackets feature “tried-and-true styled” designs, Block said, like something James Dean would have worn in the ’50s.
Some of the women’s jackets feature more sporty designs.
Block said jackets are shipping out a little later than he would have liked, probably around the first of April. Boots are already available. psb

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