KTM Shows ’05 updates

KTM’s dealer meeting is scheduled for Aug. 15-18 in Reno, Nev., but the company nevertheless chose to reveal its 2005 line-up in mid July.
While no new models are expected to come from the Austrian manufacturer for the coming year, a slew of refinements did occur throughout the model range.
Dealers attending the KTM meeting in Reno will most likely hear about major changes in chassis and suspension design throughout the line, updated brakes, new shroud placement and the use of new dual compound grips.
All EXC models receive a new swingarm, head mask, digital speedometer and Excel rims; all SX models will come with new triple clamps and a new front fender brace.
Furthermore, the ‘05 250EXC, 300EXC and 250SX now have softer clutch springs and two additional versions of exhaust valve springs in the owner’s kit for optimal settings; there’s a new CDI box with optimized timing for select EXCs; an updated shift lever and clutch cover for certain EXC and SX models; advanced designs for the 450 SX crankshaft, piston and valve guides; and an improved crankshaft, combustion chamber, piston rings and carb settings for the 250 SX.
KTM’s R&D team didn’t forget about the company’s six-bike Mini category either, with new graphics for all models, a lower seat on the 50 Mini Adventure, a clutch requiring less force on the 65/85 SX, and new brake pads and filters for the 85 SX.
Retail prices for KTM bikes range from $1,598 for the 50 Mini Adventure to $13,898 for the 950 Adventure. psb

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