PWC permanently allowed on Lake Mead

Effective immediately, personal watercraft (PWC) users may enjoy Lake Mead National Recreation Area without fear of having their recreational choices limited at a manmade lake created in part for boating recreation.
A National Park Service (NPS) announced its Final Rule, which “authorizes the use of PWC at Lake Mead National Recreation Area consistent with the Record of Decision for Lake Management Plan.” According to the Federal Register notice, “continued use of PWC in 95% of Lake Mead” is permitted. 
Kirsten Rowe, executive director of the Personal Watercraft Industry Association, said she was satisfied with the rule. “Lake Mead conducted site-specific studies on personal watercraft effects on air, water, and soundscapes, and discovered what we’ve long known: that PWC have no unique impact on the environment of a lake that allows motorized boating, and are an appropriate form of recreation for public waterways like Lake Mead.”
Bluewater Network, the anti-boating group that filed a lawsuit in April 2000 to require that a study of PWC impacts be done, has said it again will sue the National Park Service. 
“They’re running back to court because they don’t like the results of the scientific studies brought about by their own lawsuit?,” asked Rowe. “PWC manufacturers have made amazing technological advances to make their vessels cleaner and quieter — a fact acknowledged by NPS scientists, but ignored by Bluewater because it doesn’t fit with their agenda. I fear that these people intend to keep reaching into taxpayers’ pockets until they get the results they want.”

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