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Micro-moments: Your dealership’s greatest ally

By Ezequiel Arredondo, Contributing writer

We all have those impulses to stop what we’re doing and grab our phone to send a text, check an email or scroll online. With the recent surge in digital usage, our digital interactions have only become more random and fragmented. But here’s some good news for powersports dealers: Many of these sporadic digital interactions are actually micro-moments in the online buying journey.

What is a micro-moment?

While called “micro-moments,” these seemingly trivial actions are the key opportunities for brands to make an impression on their potential customers. These moments are referred to as “micro” because they are fleeting—brands have only a small window to establish a connection.

You’ll soon see that the modern customer’s buying journey consists of multiple micro-moments, from a prospect making an online search to a buyer completing a purchase. Primary micro-moments of the online buying journey include:

· Searching online for 2021 bike models

· Habitually browsing third-party marketplaces for used side-by-sides

· Requesting a quote or enquiring about financing options

· Cross-reference pricing and models on a smartphone while visiting a dealership

Powersports dealers who learn to identify and capitalize on micro-moments are setting up their dealerships for long-term success. There are many tools available to help dealerships intercept micro-moments and generate sales leads, and these are some of the most popular:

Paid Ads

Paid ads, especially pay-per-click (PPC) ads, appear at the top of online search results pages. Prominently placed ads are imperative to get in front of the 91% of smartphones users who randomly stop a task to quickly perform a Google search. For example, remember the prospect who’s searching for 2021 bike models? Maybe they are performing a casual search, not expecting to find anything interesting. But what if, at the very top of their search page, they see an awesome ad for your new spring inventory? Maybe that casual browser becomes a motivated buyer!


Targeted Digital Advertising

When it comes to influencing your prospects’ buying decisions, timing is everything—and so are relevance and quality! Targeted Digital Advertising (TDA) ensures that your ads are shown only to the most promising leads, and only when they’ve demonstrated a strong potential to buy. Factors such as website visits, online browsing habits, age and location all determine who would be most excited to see your brand content. For example, a previous website visitor who wasn’t ready to make a purchase at the time can continue to see unit ads and promos, encouraging them to make a purchase in the near future.

Don’t be deceived by the term “micro-moments,” as these crucial opportunities are the make-or-break points for converting online users into paying customers. By launching a digital marketing strategy that is scaled to your dealership’s needs, you can connect with prospects at multiple micro-moments and guide them through the buying journey, right to your dealership.

Ezequiel Arredondo is VP of Operations at Dealer Spike.

Ezequiel Arredondo

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