National dealer meeting part of AIMExpo plans for Beta USA

The news coming out of AIMExpo presented by Nationwide continues to be strong heading into the Sept. 26-29 trade show in Columbus, Ohio.

Beta USA announced that it will be hosting a dealer meeting in addition to showcasing its model lineup on the show floor at AIMExpo. It’s this exact sort of commitment from our industry manufacturers that will help take AIMExpo to a new level of engagement in 2020.

Sure, a few OEMs in the past have hosted their top handful of dealers, but none have fully committed to a dealer meeting a la Beta USA. Huge props to Beta USA for the brand’s forward-thinking approach and to AIMExpo for making the show such an attraction in 2019.

“Offering OEMs and dealers a more efficient way to connect was one of the cornerstones of AIMExpo when it launched in 2013. It’s great to see a new OEM exhibitor taking full advantage of this platform,” said Cinnamon Kernes, vice president and general manager of MIC Events.

Beta will display a number of new models at the show, including RR off-road motorcycles and RR-S street-legal off-road bikes. Attendees will also be able to see Factory Team bikes and Evo Trial bikes as well as the Beta Factory Tour Truck, which will be parked at AIMExpo to provide an eye-catching backdrop to many of its models.

As an extra bonus, Beta will display a bike that was built using its BYOB Program — Build Your Own Beta. Available to all customers, it allows anybody to create a custom build program to ensure the motorcycle is tailor-made to the way the owner rides.

“We’re very excited to be attending the 2019 AIMExpo and are looking forward to showcasing the new line of 2020 models and accessories,” said Beta USA national marketing manager Kris Kalar. “We’re looking forward to a very productive AIMExpo in Columbus and visitors can find the Beta model that’s right for them at booth #1813.”

Gart Sutton and Associates has been ahead of the pack for quite some time when it comes to 20-group support of AIMExpo. Heck, a large contigent of them even rode their motorcycles from Curtis Sloan’s shop in Tennessee all the way to the event in Orlando. Now, seeing Gart’s 20-group at AIMExpo is just part of the show. That’s how important attending AIMExpo has become for these dealership principals who have been successful operators for decades.

“Our ‘Best Operators Club’ just celebrated its 30th anniversary together,” Gart said. “These are real pros and they know the value of AIMExpo. Every year we schedule our meetings in conjunction with the show. Why? Great exhibits, invaluable friends and informative workshops. We believe strongly that ‘Together We Rise.’”

While that might be AIMExpo’s slogan for the 2019 show, it’s safe to say that we are certainly all in this together. I’ve had the privilege of attending Gart’s 20-group dealer meetings, and trust me, these guys are busy doing all they can to push the needle. So when they have the opportunity to meet with your company in person at the show, while they sitting on or in your machines, or while holding your parts and accessories, they take advantage of that chance. They want to know which machines and products can help them improve their bottom line. If they can do it face-to-face rather than via a webinar or watching a video, they simply will choose the in-person connection. While they’re thinking about the bottom line, they also want to know: Who am I going to be working with? What about warranty? Why should I be doing business with you vs. the company in the booth next door?

In other words, like Beta USA hosting a national dealer conference, 20-group members also stay out front by supporting the industry’s most important trade show.



Of course, we here at Powersports Business are glad to do our part in supporting the show by managing and administering the always-free Powersports DEALER Seminars. Thanks to the support of our two premier sponsors, National Powersport Auctions and Synchrony, and track sponsors Aegis Powersports, Torque Group and McGraw Powersports Western Service Contract, we’ve put together a lineup of speakers and seminars that will give you a jump start into the 2020 selling season.

We’ll present the schedule in its entirety in the next edition of Powersports Business. Of course, to be the first to see the schedule, subscribe to the PSB digital enewsletter and follow us on social media. In the meantime, take out your calendar and book Sept. 26 and 27 for AIMExpo in Columbus. PSB

Dave McMahon has been editor in chief of Powersports Business since 2012. Contact him at 763/383-4411 or

Gart Sutton will return by popular demand to the 2019 Powersports DEALER Seminars @ AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio.

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