Stupid or brilliant: Part II

Karin GelschusWhile I can see some college kids thinking this would be the best money they ever spent, I can’t see the manufacturer making any real money — really an investment down the drain.

I do admit it’s hilarious and quite the creative product, but I can’t imagine spending a few hundred dollars on it. Can YOU?

I’d also want to know if you could get a DWI on this thing since it’s motorized? ’Cause you know the majority of the people driving these things won’t be sober.

The product: Cruizin Cooler

This cooler has a 500-watt electric motor, weighs 74 pounds and can reach up to 13 mph. It has a cargo capacity of 24 12 oz. cans with ice. The rider capacity is 250 pounds. (MSRP: $499)

If the 500-watt cooler is too much, the company also offers a 300-watt cooler, but that only holds 200 pounds (MSRP: $399). Also, there’s one with 250 watts (MSRP: $299), which holds 180 pounds, but only goes up to six miles, whereas the other two can go as far as 15 miles.

Would YOU give it a shot?

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  1. Hilarious! I have seen them. Imagine it is popular in the pits at NASCAR 🙂 I will go with stupid on this one. Would love to be in court to hear the defense for the DWI! hahahaha.

  2. These are Bad A**, We stock, Sell and Service these and have races in our warehouse!

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