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Your customers need a tap on the shoulder

Think of your favorite Web sites…. In your spare time, which of those do you type in your browser and visit every day? How about every week or month?

Among those, how many of them are businesses you’ve bought from or might buy from in the future?

I’m guessing the answer to the first question is less than three, and the answer to the second question is zero or maybe one. Due to busy schedules, consumers don’t seek out specific Web sites regularly unless it’s a news source. It just doesn’t happen all that often.

It does happen, however, if they’re prompted to. They can be “reminded” to visit your Web site through an e-newsletter, update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter.

Most people, even your past customers, aren’t going to go back to your Web site day in and day out to check for new stuff, unless they have a reason. You need to tap them on the shoulder and say, “Hey, we have an open house this weekend,” or “Hey, we have a spring sale happening right now.”

The lesson here is to keep tapping your customers’ shoulders. They need to be reminded that your dealership has new stuff happening all the time.

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