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Hooking the next walk-in customer

Why does a consumer care about you or your dealership? In truth, he or she doesn’t — at least not at first. Don’t take it personal. They’re not going to care about anything beyond a good deal until you offer them reasons to think otherwise.

So tell me, why does a consumer want to buy from your dealership rather than the one 5 miles down the road? Perhaps it’s because you have the highest CSI score in your region or because your technicians both have 20 years of experience?

Whatever the reasons, be sure every employee has them embedded in their brain, and they are sharing those regularly with shoppers.

The latest Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index, a national survey of dealership retail sales practices, revealed only about a third of salespeople provide compelling reasons to buy from their dealership.

It’s time to ask how you want to build your consumer base. Have you convinced your latest walk-in to buy from your dealership over the competition?

Full results from the 2009-’10 Pied Piper survey will be available in an upcoming issue in Powersports Business.

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