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karin_webA customer walks through your dealership’s doors and asks the closest salesperson if they carry a Suzuki GSX-R. The sales person continues with whatever they’re doing without so much as a hello. While this scenario would seem highly unlikely in a traditional brick and mortar store, it happens on average 53 percent of the time online, according to ARI.

Fifty-three percent!

Would you let more than half of your customers walk out of your dealership without acknowledging them? Of course not, so why are so many dealers doing it online?

While every dealership has its reasons for not taking advantage of online shoppers, I wanted to address one I heard: It’s too time consuming. During the “e-commerce” panel at the PowerSports Business Conference and Expo, Roy Olivier, CEO of ARI, says their average dealer earns about a quarter-million dollars in PG&A per year. Their best practices dealers earn more than $10 million per year. Meaning for those dealers who commit the time to it, return on investment is not an issue with e-commerce.

How quickly do you respond to your online shoppers?

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  1. Many times people are frustrated at the lack of response that they give the sale to the first person who actually answers their questions. So go ahead and keep thinking it’s too time consuming…I’ll take the sale.

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