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Time to test your industry knowledge

Neil PascaleQuick, of all the quad models out there – ATV or UTV – tell me which one sold the best in the United States from January through May? Easy you say? OK, try this one: Tell me which metric motorcycle model sold the best from January through May?

And one last one: What metric company is the owner of two of the top three selling dual purposes models in the United States?

Reply to this log with your three answers and I’ll see who’s closest, then provide the answers a bit later.

By the way, this information is courtesy R.L. Polk, the company that collects and analyzes state registration data from across the United States. This information and much more will be available in our 2009 Market Data Book, which will be published in the coming weeks.

More importantly, do you know such information for your own market? If not, why not?

Don’t forget to give me your three answers.

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  1. Very close Colin. Here are the answers:
    1) No. 1 in the UTV/ATV category for January-May: Polaris’ RZR
    2) No. 1 metric bike for January-May: Kawasaki’ Ninja 250
    3) OEM with two of the top three selling dual purpose bikes: Yamaha
    Thanks again to R.L. Polk for providing this data for Powersports Business readers.

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