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1-15 Tommy Ady blogWith everything that I hear and watch in F&I sales with the Internet and phone buyers, you might be one of those getting hammered with Internet buyers, phone buyers and numerous cash deals.

So … what are you doing to make it better on yourself? Did you figure out a way to make more money, or are you waiting it out to see if Internet buyers go away? By the way, they’re not going to disappear! Quit waiting and hoping because it’s not going to change. I do have some good news though and then it’s up to you to commit and do something about it. If you don’t, then don’t worry about your income. It’ll still be average at the end of 2016.

Do you believe that your penetration rates will increase if you wait it out in 2016? They will. January usually slows down for the majority of dealers and then it begins picking up in February and topping out again in the early fall. By November it drops off again. And by the end of the year you’ve made about the same money that you did the prior year. Is that you? Change it this month. Hopefully you weren’t put in this position because of your great filing and organizational skills but you were placed here because someone thought that you could be an F&I superstar.

I’ve got some more tips for you to start using and this month is the perfect time to begin because I know that you’re going to be delivering a lot of small cc units for under a couple thousand dollars. And we know that it can be pretty difficult at times selling a $2,000 ATV with a $800 warranty. This is that time of the year when F&I managers are trying to save their deal average and prevent it slipping from those small Christmas gift purchases that seldom leave with a warranty, gap, theft, tire and wheel and/or paint and fab. Just adding all of that would definitely exceed the price of the unit.

Here’s a little something that you can do to sell more product to the Internet and phone buyers — get a video or make a video of your protection product in action. Start out with one short video in case you’re the type that gets overwhelmed or if you’ll have stage fright. You’ve got theft protection right? That’s an easy one to begin with. I know you’ve spotted the 60-second video on You Tube of some thugs stealing a street bike parked along a busy street in just seconds. There you go.

You’ll be surprised what can happen with your theft sales if you just let someone watch a video like that. I don’t mean that you should play the video in your office, but this is a technique that’s perfect for a phone or Internet buyer — the person that is arranging every possible thing before he or she ever enters the dealership. We all know that the best way to sell protection products is face-to-face but it can’t always work that way. Get the video that I’ve mentioned and then email it to your buyer. Will they open it and watch it? Yes they will, and it’ll sink in. You’re not selling them something, but now you’re demonstrating to them how your product works.

You can do this … and if you do it’s because you want more money in 2016. Not sure how this works or if it will truly work? Check out my site and you can watch a sample video to decide for yourself before you give it a shot. And of course if you need some help or a better explanation then just shoot me an email, call or text.

Tommy Ady is a powersports sales expert with more than 25 years in powersports retail business. He founded The WriteBack in 2013, which has become the #1 performing sales tool in the North America. Top 100-ranked dealers use his programs, along with the highest performing F&I managers in the country. His entertaining training shows are broadcast via YouTube to dealers every week.

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