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Japan’s OEMs Boost Cycle Production

Japan's major motorcycle manufacturers produced 248,166 units in February 2005, up 85,742 units or 52.8% compared with the production of 162,450 units in the same month of the previous year, says Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).
According to JAMA, Yamaha produced 135,883 units during the month, Honda produced 48,563 units, Suzuki produced 42,886 units, and Kawasaki produced 20,824 units.
The four manufacturers produced 32,559 units in the 50cc class, up 4,216 units or 14.9% compared to production in February 2004; 94,565 units in the 51-125cc class, up 77,753 units or 462.5%; 22,187 units in the 126-250cc class, up 3,978 units or 21.8%; and 98,881 units in the over 250cc class, down 205 units or 0.2%.
Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki exported 205,018 units worldwide during the month, up 60,714 units or 42.1% compared to the 144,304 units exported during February 2004.
Total value of motorcycles exported for February 2005 was $781.81 million, including $654.74 million for vehicles and $127.07 million for parts. This is a decrease of $40.99 million or 5.0% compared with $822.80 million recorded for the same month of the previous year.
Exports to North America totaled 57,011 units, including 47,395 units for the U.S. and 9,616 units for Canada.

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