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The show is over. What now?

November 22, 2011

You just got back from a great show, but despite your best efforts, some meetings with prospects didn’t lead to a sale. Not so unusual, is it? You also realize that you didn’t see some potential buyers that you were sure would visit your booth over the weekend. Now what do you do to start building... Read more »

Change you can profit from

November 15, 2011

Scenario: A man visits a Midwest dealership looking for a cruiser class motorcycle. The salesperson asks about his favorite local places to ride and learns he is new to the area, having moved for his new job. The man has done his research, decided on a bike, and the bike is in stock. Continuing the sales... Read more »

Get a jump on show follow-up

October 25, 2011

Most new prospects who visit a dealer’s booth for the first time aren’t ready to commit on the spot. In fact, most sales are closed with prospects that dealers have been working with for a while, even as far back as past shows. Motorcycles, ATVs and other powersports products are luxury purchases... Read more »

It’s a game of ‘niches’

October 21, 2011

A real customer scenario: A customer purchases a new major unit – a snowmobile – from his favorite dealer. As part of the purchase he also spent $1,500 in performance parts, $900 in service work to install them and $500 on a new jacket to match his sled. His total expenditure is more than $15,000. This... Read more »

Follow-up, a necessary step to success

June 21, 2011

Scenario (based on a real life customer service call center report) An enthusiast, new to the area, stopped by a dealership looking to replace his sport touring motorcycle. The customer did not want ABS brakes and asked if a bike he was interested in was available without that option in red. The salesman... Read more »