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Moose expands tire, wheel line

By Kate Swanson

For Moose Racing, a Parts Unlimited house brand known for its continued product innovation, 2015 could be the year of the wheel. Shane Myers, a moto product developer for Moose Racing, gave Powersports Business an update on how business has changed this year.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in a lot of segments, especially the adventure touring and dual-sport market,” said Myers. “The OEMs are coming out with new machines every year, so we are definitely trying to come out with all the parts every year for them, and we see a lot of opportunity within the market.”

Moose Racing’s complete XCR Wheel.

Moose Racing’s
complete XCR Wheel.

Moose Racing’s tire and wheel segment makes up a big part of the business, says Myers, bringing in consumers from all segments. “We offer stainless steel spoke sets and tires on the ATV side,” said Myers. “We’ve done rims for quite a while, but now we do the hubs, spokes and rims that bring it all together.” Moose Racing hopes that by making complete wheel sets, it can cater to the specific consumer demands that are emerging.

Moose Racing has seen growth in all segments, including ATV and side-by-side. Myers notes that complete wheel sets and optional individual spoke replacements are becoming more popular.

“Complete wheel sets seem to be the fad now. People are no longer just buying rims; they’re buying the complete wheels with hubs, spokes and a rim so that seems to be the new trend,” he said. “On the bike side we do pretty well with individual rims because a lot of people want the OEM spoke sets, so they can just use their individual rims with those.”

Moose Racing has expanded its lineup to include individual wheel spokes as well. “That way people can replace just singles spokes instead of replacing the whole set if they break one. That [trend] seems to be picking up too,” he said.

To keep things rolling into 2015, Moose Racing is committed to adding to its current offerings. On the bike side of the business, Myers says that Moose has added new rear wheel sizes and colors. “We’re adding some new 18-inch rear wheels, catering more to the off-road [riders] because right now we’re carrying the 19-inch rims which cater more to the motocross [riders].” On the ATV side, Myers notes that new wheel and tire products are in the works as well for Moose.

“We’re just excited to continue to add [to our offerings] and for the weather to get a little better, honestly. Once it gets better, more people are able to get out there riding, and the market continues to grow,” said Myers.

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