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Mar. 31, 2008 – Yamaha’s subtle changes add up

Geometric improvements on its Nytro models, a new 2-Up unit and an engine upgrade on Apex models highlight Yamaha’s 2009 snowmobile lineup.
The 2009 line-up highlights include changes to the company’s Nytro lineup, including new front suspension geometry. Yamaha also unveiled three new Nytro models, each aimed at specific target audiences:

  • The FX Nytro XTX features a 144-inch track and tipped-up rails for the on- and off-trail rider who wants it all.
  • The RS Venture GT sets a new bar for Yamaha in 2-Up touring, thanks to a new motor package, new ergonomics for the driver and passenger and many touring amenities.
  • The FX Nytro RTX SE is a spring-only upgraded Nytro RTX with a special tunnel, upgraded shocks, racing graphics and a four-year warranty for racing wannabes.

    Touring to the Next Level

    Yamaha’s other new model is a 2-Up. It has touring comfort, new ergonomics and wind protection, while also getting a motor upgrade.
    The RS Venture GT is powered by the three-cylinder, 1050cc Genesis 120 engine found in RS Vector models. But in this tour buggy, it gets fuel injection, plus a different stator, cam shafts and exhaust. With the update, it’s called the Genesis 120FI.

    The Best of the Rest

    The rest of Yamaha’s lineup returns with mainly minor tweaks and features four-stroke engines, top to bottom. First, a nomenclature update: the standard model comes without letters after the name; a machine aimed at groomed trail cruising gets a GT; one more stiffly sprung for rough trails is designated with the initials RTX; a 136-inch-class longer-tracked machine gets the LTX designation; and sleds with still longer tracks and mountain-riding features are Yamaha MTX machines.
    All Apex models are powered by the snappy Genesis 150 four-cylinder engine. In the deep-snow segment, Yamaha’s Apex MTX gets a shock upgrade in its rear suspension for 2009 for better handling through the bumps and less bottoming. It keeps its 16- by 162-inch track with 2.25-inch lugs.
    The remaining Apex models get a new heat exchanger for improved cooling efficiency and new graphics. The standard Apex is back after a one-year hiatus. While pricing hasn’t been released, Yamaha officials say the standard Apex would be $1,500 cheaper than last year’s 40th Anniversary GT model, which would put it at $10,699 for a sled with the Mono Shock RA rear suspension. The Apex GT and Apex LTX GT return with new dual clicker front shocks, allowing riders to better dial in their preferred ride. psb

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