Tucker Rocky Picks Up Shark Helmet Line

Tucker Rocky Distributing has become the exclusive distributor of the Shark helmet line in the United States. TR officials say the Shark line allows the company to provide dealers and consumers with an alternative in the mid-priced segment.
“Shark is a great addition to the Tucker Rocky family of products,” said Brand Manager, Josh Whitaker. “In today’s market, the consumer needs choices. We believe the Shark product line rounds out our full line of helmet choices to the dealer and consumer.”
Whitaker said Shark brings a wealth of technology and high impact graphic designs to TR’s line up of helmets, backed with top racing exposure from Miquel Duhamel and the Alessi Brothers, as well as merchandising programs, product support and national consumer advertising.
Tucker Rocky’s Shark line-up will include 20 models for 2006. The distributor now offers dealers nine brands of helmet – Arai, Cyber, KBC, Nolan, Shark and Zamp as well as the Answer, MSR and Vanatage house brands.
“After achieving a strong leadership position in Europe, Shark is now ready to repeat this success in the USA and we are extremely pleased to be distributed by Tucker Rocky who will, without a doubt, help us achieve this goal,” said Christophe Mirvallas, Export Director for Shark Helmets.
Ft. Worth-based Tucker Rocky expects to have Shark inventory in early June.

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