N.C. Senate Approves ATV Legislation

A bill given final Senate approval in North Carolina would have children younger than eight years old prohibited from operating ATVs while older kids would have to drive units deemed age-appropriate.
Under the bill, approved in the Senate by a vote of 31-15 and passed to the House, children ages eight to 15 only would be allowed to operate battery-powered or governed quads. The proposed measure also would require all ATV operators to complete a safety course starting in October 2006 and follow equipment and driving standards. Failure to follow the law would result in misdemeanors punishable up to 60 days in jail and fines of $1,000.
Both hunters and farmers receive broad exemptions, including being exempt from both helmet and training requirements.
Approximately 22,000 people purchased ATVs in North Carolina in 2004. State officials estimate there are 183,000 ATVs currently in use there.
In related news, children under 14 will be banned from driving ATVs under new legislation proposed in New Foundland’s House of Assembly.
Bill 36 will allow children aged 14 and 15 to ride smaller ATVs, providing the youths are under direct adult supervision, and raise the minimum age for riding an adult-sized ATV to 16.

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