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Dealership hosts vintage bike show 12 consecutive years

Honda East of Toledo, Ohio, recently hosted Snopen House, one of its largest vintage bike shows. Service technician Dan Cunningham has taken the role as the event planner since its inception in 2011.

Cunningham is an avid vintage snowmobiler himself. “I’ve met some of my dearest friends through the snowmobile hobby, lifelong friends that will do anything for you- and I’ll do anything for them,” he said.

The show has certainly grown, this year showing 72 snowmobiles with 34 vendors in attendance. (The first Snopen House consisted of around 40 snowmobiles). Cunningham shared the planning process, where silent auction benefits are contributed and a bit of his insight about how the service department has evolved in recent years.

Click on the image below to read the November digital edition of the magazine.

Click on the image above to read the November digital edition of the magazine.

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