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Next stop: Team Powersports, North Carolina

Prior to embarking on a weekend full of insight and engagement from dealers at the North Carolina Motorcycle Dealers Association Winter Meeting in Raleigh, Powersports Business was granted VIP access to a pair of Team Powersports locations.

Owner Justin Alpiser first offered a tour of the Raleigh location, and then we made the trek south to the Garner location. You can see video and photo highlights below.

Awesome to learn of the record sales happening at both locations over the past two years. If you are not already among their 2,500 subscribers to their YouTube channel, under the direction of sales guru Sarah Walker, learn from them by subscribing “today”!

There’s plenty to like about the sales to F&I department efficiency at Team Powersports in Raleigh. We aren’t complaining about the likes to the post either, so click the image above to check out some photos and video from our TPS visit.

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