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S&S Cycle adds 590 cam for big bore M8 models

The M8 engine platform is capable of making massive power. It happily accepts big bore kits, stroker cranks and, of course, high lift cams. The primary supplier of that sort of go-fast stuff is Viola, Wisconsin-based S&S Cycle and they’ve just added a 590 lift cam to the mix.

S and S Cycle, cams, big bore, horsepower

The new cam is designed to work with their 131-inch stroker kit and other huge bore combinations. Producing massive horsepower especially in the higher RPM range, the 590 is available in gear or chain drive and is specifically for use with monster bores, ported heads and high RPMs, to make maximum horsepower. It’s not recommended for stock bore engines.

Check out the dyno charts for the hard numbers (146hp & 145tq on a 131-inch stroker build!).

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