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Distributor gets new name, branding

Tucker Rocky Distributing today introduced the new Tucker, a rebranding of Tucker Rocky that honors the company’s rich heritage and showcases its status as a world-class leader in powersports distribution.

“The Tucker of today offers unrivaled services to our dealers and brand partners,” said Tucker president Eric Cagle. “From distribution, sales and customer service; to marketing, advertising and brand building, we are dedicated to the support and growth of powersports.”

As part of the rebranding, Tucker has introduced a new logo. The forward-facing square and large notched “T” combine to create a symbol of speed and innovation. Bold red was chosen to represent Tucker’s passion to deliver the best brands in powersports. Known in the industry for being dedicated to supporting its customers, the all-lowercase “tucker” is appropriately friendly.

“The need for speed is innate in powersports enthusiasts and imperative as a distributor,” said Taz Sobotka, senior manager of Marketing. “The Tucker ‘Power T’ logo conveys the visual allusion of speed and movement that represents the feeling of freedom we all love about powersports.”

The individual pieces of the new Tucker logo come together as one to symbolize the unified qualities that make the company a world-class distributor. The new name symbolizes the vision and values of Ed Tucker’s humble beginnings when he started the company in 1967. Over 50 years later Tucker continues to deliver the most powerful brands in powersports.

See the new look June 16 on location at the American Flat Track OKC Mile with Cory Texter and his CTR crew, and the High Point AMA Pro Motocross National in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, with EBR Performance/Altus Motorsports Yamaha and rider Ramy Alves.

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  1. It would have been nice to mention the late Gene Rocchi, who started Rocky Cycle, as a powerhouse distributor from the west coast.

  2. Gene and Olga Rocchi, Joe Piazza Sr, Jim Busa, and a ton more on the Rocky side.
    Along with Ed Tucker, was Bob Nickell, Steve Johnson, Andre Lacy, along with hundreds of great folks in both companies in Sales and Operations. The list could easily go on and on. Today’s tucker is a great blend of tenured and new folks.

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