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Piaggio appoints first Wi-Bike retailers in NYC

Piaggio has extended its product range with the introduction of the Wi-Bike. Vespa Manhattan and Vespa Brooklyn are the first exclusive dealerships to offer the Piaggio Wi-Bike.

Wi-Bike aims to set itself apart from standard e-bikes with a combination of innovation and Italian design. The electric motor, transmission and battery are harmoniously integrated in its 100-percent aluminum frame. The 350w mid-motor and 400wh Ion-Lithium battery mounted behind the seat tube allow optimal mass distribution, offer perfect stability and maneuverability. With Wi-Bike, Piaggio confirms its technological edge and introduces a completely new concept of connected electric vehicle.

Wi-Bike features an integrated GPS/GSM system that is connected 24 hours a day. Any theft attempt will generate a notification to the owner’s smartphone. An additional level of security is provided by the unique code that connects the display, battery and motor.  Once the display is removed, the Wi-Bike will not function.

Wi-Bike is the first connected vehicle in its segment. This connectivity provides functionalities such as localization, anti-theft system and remote battery status check that can only be accessed through the Wi-Bike App. The connectivity service is included at no extra-cost for the first 24 months from the purchase date.

The Wi-Bike App unlocks the exclusive functionalities designed and implemented by Piaggio for Wi-Bike riders only.

Riders select from three riding modes: Standard, City and Hill. In Standard, the engine provides assistance constantly proportional with the human effort detected on pedals. In City, it works as standard assistance with a boost of power at every start to minimize effort in the start and stop of crossroads and traffic lights. In Hill, it adjusts power output to give more assistance when riding uphill and less assistance downhill. Each mode has 10 levels of assistance to optimize battery consumption based on the rider’s needs.

With the Fitness Mode, the app manages the engine assistance and the gear shift to allow the rider to maintain or achieve the desired level of human effort. Additionally, it can monitor heart rate through any Bluetooth compatible device, and calculate the number of calories burned.

The app also allows for the ability to share your ride on social networks, provide the user with navigation and perform a diagnostic check on your Wi-Bike. The bike also provides charging capabilities so the rider’s smartphone is never without power.

Wi-Bike will be available in a range of 4 models: Comfort, Comfort Plus, Active and Active Plus, with top speeds ranging from 20 to 28 mph. There will be a standard and unisex frame, with sizes from Small to Large. Wi-Bike will not require any registration, licensing or insurance, making it the most accessible and efficient way to commute. Pricing starts at $3,099 USD.

Wi-Bike is in stock and available for immediate purchase at Vespa Manhattan and Vespa Brooklyn.


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