Northpoint offers financing for ARGO dealers

Northpoint Commercial Finance (Northpoint), a diversified finance company that provides flexible inventory lending and floorplan financing solutions, has partnered with ARGO to be the exclusive financier of their dealer network across the United States and Canada. ARGO’s partnership with Northpoint will include flexible, manageable, and customized terms with a dedicated customer support team.

Headquartered in New Hamburg, Ontario, ARGO, a division of Ontario Drive & Gear Limited, provides extreme terrain vehicles to a network of over 300 dealers across Canada and the United States, a figure which the company plans to double in the next few years.

For 50 years, ARGO has built the most successful amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTV) in the world. With a multitude of applications including commercial, public sector, robotics, and personal recreation, ARGO’s will climb, crawl or swim anywhere users need to go.

“Northpoint is looking forward to assisting ARGO, a company built on high standards, with their finance solutions and helping grow the company’s burgeoning dealership transactions,” stated Chris Cook, Northpoint’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Canadian market. “ARGO is an iconic and trusted brand; however, in this ever-changing market dealers need an edge with creative and flexible options to turn their inventory.”

“ARGO stands firm behind providing our dealers and customers with exactly what they need,” commented Brad Darling, President of ARGO. “As we roll out additional industry-specific models to meet the market’s needs we must also provide attractive financing opportunities that address these needs as well. Our new partnership with Northpoint is a significant opportunity to increase sales and ensure the success and profitability of our dealers and I’m confident that it will be well received across our North American network.”

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