UTV OEM launches new name, new UTV lineup

Fort Wayne, Ind.-based American Landmaster, formerly known as American SportWorks, has announced the corporate rebranding and launch of new line of UTVs.

For more than 50 years American SportWorks has been manufacturing and distributing on and off­-road vehicles. Now, American SportWorks is proud to re-introduce the brand as American Landmaster.

“The same everyday reliability that we’ve built for over 50 years is now lived out as American Landmaster,” said president and CEO Kent Rice.

In addition, American Landmaster has unveiled a new, re-engineered line of UTVs at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, starting May 4. With an in-depth understanding of UTV customers and what they want in and from their UTVs, American Landmaster has created an exciting and forward-thinking design and feature-rich line of UTVs.

Or, as a press release from the company says: “Simply put, in a world of wingtips, these are work boots. Rugged. Reliable. Done.”

American Landmaster has a manufacturing facility in Roseland, La., with corporate offices in Fort Wayne.

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  1. Mark A. Chapman

    Hello, I've just rrecently started rresearching your 700 llandmaster , you ddefinitely need more info out there! Called century cart cconnection in cCleveland they are out of stock wanted to go and look at one! So step up the pproductio ! Lo looking forward to ttrying one out! Thanks

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