Garland, Texas SWAT team turns to Hisun UTVs for July 4th event

The Garland, Texas, Star Spangled Spectacular 4th of July Event at the Firewheel Town Center was certainly nothing short of spectacular with fireworks, face painting, balloon artists and traditional 4th of July fare.

What wasn’t present was any interruption from those who might disrupt such a quintessential American celebration with acts of terrorism. This was due in part to the presence of the Garland SWAT team patrolling the event grounds in full SWAT gear in four UTVs supplied by Hisun Motor Corp., USA of McKinney, Texas.

The Garland SWAT team took delivery of the four utility vehicles at Rockwall Honda Yamaha Hisun of Rockwall, Texas. Four teams of imposing SWAT members patrolled in HS700 series UTVs outfitted with elevated rear facing seats to provide a commanding view of the crowds assembled at the celebration.

“We sincerely appreciate Hisun for allowing us to use the UTVs,” captain John Atkins of the Garland SWAT said. “Their application was outstanding and made our patrol process much more efficient. We were able to cover more ground quickly and the UTVs relieved some of the burden from the heavy gear and weapons systems.”


In May, Garland SWAT, along with Garland Police, were involved in subduing would-be gunmen at a controversial art show at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland.

Ryan Daugherty, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hisun Motors Corp USA said, “Michael Worrell, owner of Rockwall Honda Yamaha, was instrumental in getting us in touch with Captain Atkins and we were more than happy to help out the Garland SWAT unit during this great event. We anticipate helping again when needed.”

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