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Polaris issues ‘stop sale and stop ride’ for Slingshot

Following is a research note provided to Powersports Business from RBC Capital Markets analyst Joe Spak.

“In another hiccup for Polaris’s Slingshot product (3-wheel reverse trike motorcycle), we have learned the company issued a notice to dealers calling for an immediate ‘stop sale and stop ride’ for all models.

Polaris determined that some vehicles have defective ball bearings in the steering rack which could result in unexpected loss of steering control. Additionally (but unrelated), the company is voluntarily replacing the roll hoops on certain Slingshot vehicles as they are not up to spec.

Service parts will be available by January 21st ready for order on January 22nd. Polaris will cover the cost of parts and repairs. Safety comes first and we are glad to see Polaris take quick corrective action.

While defects and recalls are part of the business, bears may look to the news as proof that that the company is biting off more than they can chew. We look for more color on the company’s upcoming 4Q earnings report.”

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  1. It is NOT a motorcycle……sorry for those hoping otherwise, but it just isn’t a motorcycle by any accepted standard.

  2. I think this was a good move for Polaris. There is a market here. It isn’t a motorcycle but surely a motorsport application. Regardless, I bet it is a blast to ride and something that people with or without a lack of balance can enjoy on the street or flat track. I like the whole side by side concept. Its fun to take a friend with you. If the sales go well for them, I’d be curious to see if a race class develops. TT anyone?

    As a note, new technologies are always a learning experience for the whole industry. Can-Am gambled with the Spyder and it paid off. Technologically it is much like a bunch of other machines put together. But the whole package is what we learned from. What people like, what they don’t, what lasts, what breaks. While the package was not a stretch technologically it was a stretch for the motorsports industry. We have learned people like them and they sell well with the proper marketing.

    Keep up the drive Polaris, I’m curious to see what you do next.


  3. Yeah it IS a blast to ride; with the Polaris execs selling off their stock and this ‘Slingshot’ already proving itself in sales figures, and Polaris filing a patent for an electric V-Twin Cruiser-type cycle – – I’m grabbing as much Polaris stock as I can get.
    The steering-rack problem is a minor hiccup, and the electric Cruiser is maybe 6 to 9 months from being market-ready (but, I didn’t say THAT ).

  4. The “Slingshot” responds very well to horsepower upgrades, also. But when we put a turbocharger on it, we had to splice in a F.A.S.T. computer because the stock ECU couldn’t be tuned for the turbo. Added larger injectors & a “Snow” boost-cooler also . . the dyno showed that we doubled the horsepower at the drive wheel.

  5. Certainly is not a motorcycle and when the first person dies in a Slingshot accident, the lawyers will go after the retailers and manufacturer under the premise that it should have had airbags and side impact protection… and it will be an easy win.

    This is an automobile and it should have to meet auto safety standards, I know for a fact that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Ruckersville, Virginia has already opened an investigation. The IIHS has a lot of clout with NHTSA.

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