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Vandiver to retire from Suzuki; Lopusnak becomes powersports head

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Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. announces that Larry Vandiver will retire February 3 from his role as head of Motorcycle, ATV and Scooter Operations.

Vandiver first served Suzuki as a motorcycle-group District Sales Manager in his native Texas beginning in 1977 and worked his way up to National Promotions Manager. After returning to Texas for a short period he later moved to the Brea, Calif., corporate headquarters as Director of sales and marketing efforts for Suzuki’s Outboard Products group before returning to the Motorcycle/ATV Division.

Rod Lopusnak will now be promoted to Director, Operations Head, Motorcycle/ATV Sales Operations and will lead the company’s Motorcycle, ATV and Scooter sales and marketing efforts. Prior to Lopusnak beginning his 16-year career at Suzuki, his passion for the powersports industry began in dealerships. He worked every aspect of a powersports dealership, starting by sweeping floors in his grandfather’s dealership, then at the parts counter, in service and sales, and eventually as general manager of several dealerships in New Jersey.

Vandiver Story
Larry Vandiver


At Suzuki, Lopusnak had held eight different leadership positions, and has built a strong rapport with Suzuki Dealers, starting as a District Sales Manager, and including ATV Operations Manager and National Sales Manager. Lopusnak is well versed in new product development, and was instrumental in launching class leading product such as the QuadSport Z400, KingQuad line and Boulevard line. Lopusnak most recently served as General Manager – National Sales.

“Rod is known for his passion for the powersports industry, his decisive leadership and commitment to the voice of the dealers,” said Vandiver. “No one is better suited or more qualified to lead Suzuki and Suzuki dealers to succeed. He will have the support of his co-workers and the respect of the industry behind him.”

Rod Lopusnak
Rod Lopusnak

“Larry’s long commitment to Suzuki in both Outboard and Motorcycles made him a well-respected leader at Suzuki,” said Rod Lopusnak. “He lived Suzuki’s reputation of maintaining strong relationships with Suzuki dealers and partners.”

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  1. Congratulations Rod I wish you all the best in getting Suzuki back to its proper position in the powersports industry.

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