ATV/UTV accessory company announces MAP policy

ATV/UTV accessory company Great Day, Inc., has launched a MAP policy, which will go into affect on Jan. 1.

The following is the letter Great Day sent to its retailers, dealers and distributors:

Great Day, Inc. has in place a retailer/dealer minimum advertised price policy (MAP Policy) which shall apply to all retailers/dealers, including catalogs and internet retailers (resellers) or anyone who the retailer sells or otherwise transfers the MAPPED GDI products. The advertising of the specified products by a retailer at lower than suggested prices, which are unilaterally determined by Great Day, Inc. and communicated to retailers from time to time in order to preserve the integrity of the Great Day brand and avoid depreciation of, or damage to, as well as to preserve its strong reputation for providing customers with high value products and strong after-sales support, is prohibited and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of the retailer's agreement with Great Day. The retailer/dealer MAP policy will apply to all GDI products that have been designated as MAPPED items. This pricing and MAP information has been sent out and will be sent again to make sure that the GDI customers are in compliance with this program starting on January 1, 2015.


If Great Day, Inc. determines in its sole discretion that a retailer/dealer has advertised any of the specified Great Day products at a price below that set in the Current MAP price list for 2015, Great Day will cancel all orders placed by the distributor/retailer/dealer for itself or any other businesses that are in violation of the MAP. Additionally, Great Day may refuse to accept new orders from the Distributor/Retailer/dealer and in its sole discretion cancel its contract with Great Day, Inc.

The MAP Policy shall also apply to any end-price, end of transaction sales price, as well as any "in cart" price and/or any "check out page" of any retailer/dealer website or related internet site. This includes and sites. In addition, should any retailer/dealer advertise specified Great Day products at a price which results in net prices (final price after deducting discounts, free delivery, and other benefits offered to the buyer) below which is set forth and allowed hereby, distributor/retailer/dealer will be in violation of the MAP Policy.

It is the responsibility of all distributors to ensure that all those dealers to whom that distributor sells Great Day brand products promptly receives a full copy of this MAP Policy and those dealers to whom the Distributor sells Great Day brand products, themselves, adhere fully and completely to the pricing requirements set forth herein. If it is determined by Great Day that a distributor/dealer/retailer has violated the terms of this MAP Policy, Great Day can require all retailers/dealers to:

Cease and desist all further sales to that offending distributor/dealer;

Discontinue support of any sponsorship;

Accelerate payment of any and all monies owed by distributor/retailer/dealer under any then applicable credit agreement notwithstanding any current account status; and

Place violating retailer on a "Do Not Sell List."

It is the responsibility of all distributors/retailers/dealers to assist in the policing of this MAP Policy and to immediately contact Great Day, Inc. with the identity of the offending party.

Any response or feedback regarding this MAP Policy can be directed to:

Great Day Vice President, llar Paul Meeks

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