Yamaha’s motorcycle sales up 4.1% through Q3

Net sales of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. motorcycles grew 4.1 percent to ¥723.9 billion through the first nine months of 2014.

During that same period, unit sales in developed countries grew 14 percent, and the company’s market share increased. Operating income from the motorcycles segment was up 188.4 percent to ¥17.7 billion.


Net sales of marine products increased 12.9 percent to ¥209.2 billion, while operating income grew 53.5 percent to ¥37.7 billion.

“Net sales of outboard motors grew on an increase in the portion of sales represented by large models in North America, and sales growth in emerging markets. Net sales of sports boats and personal watercraft sales increased as a result of new model launches, for overall sales and income growth,” the company said in its Q3 report.

Overall, net sales of Yamaha Motor products in North America were up 16.1 percent to ¥226.3 billion in the first nine months of 2014, while operating income grew 378.4 percent to ¥12.7 billion. The increase was led by a boost in sales of outboard motors, recreational off-highway vehicles and other products.

In total, Yamaha’s net sales through the end of September were up 7.3 percent to ¥1.12 trillion, with growth and profit in all segments. Operating income rose 68.4 percent to ¥71.0 billion.

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