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Analyst’s Polaris dealer checks in Vegas show strong quarter

Following a round of dealer checks with Polaris dealers in Las Vegas, BMO Capital Markets analyst Gerrick Johnson reports being “highly encouraged by the feedback” obtained.

Johnson selected the region because Las Vegas “has not had any discernable impact on sales and performance of Polaris products. We think this region should be seen as a leading indicator for the rest of the North American business, owing to an early riding season that ends by May as seasonally hot weather moves in and riders head inside.”

Johnson goes to write that the “positive commentary from these dealers, combined with strong overall Jan/Feb registration data, reinforces our conviction in the Polaris story and our Outperform rating. We found that the RZR XP1000 is performing ahead of dealer expectations and is benefitting from a significant number of trade-ups from existing XP900 owners while continuing to attract new entrants into the Side-by-Side (SxS) market. Meanwhile, the Sportsman ACE single seat SxS vehicle is getting good reviews, and dealers are experiencing strong initial sales, with ATV rental companies in the area looking to by multiple units to incorporate into their fleets.”

Johnson adds that BMO Capital Markets estimates Polaris “overall North American retail sales grew 10 percent in the January/February time frame (+7% in January and +13% in February). We think March was even better, and now anticipate PII reporting North American ORV retail sales growth of 12% in the quarter. Previously we expected 8% retail sales growth.”

Johnson estimates that Polaris ATV retail sales likely grew 9 percent for the quarter, while retail sales of side-by-sides, including the Sportsman ACE and Brutus, were up 13 percent in the quarter.

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