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Roadsmith’s new Indian trike kit revealed at V-Twin Expo

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Roadsmith Trikes unveiled the industry’s first new Indian trike conversion at this year’s V-Twin Dealer Expo in Cincinnati this past weekend. While certainly not new to the business of creating trike conversions for the Indian brand, Roadsmith is pleased to be the first trike company to offer a conversion kit for the new Polaris-based Indians introduced at the Sturgis Rally last year. This is Roadsmith’s third version of an Indian trike (having designed trike conversions for all of the previous iterations of the Indian brand) and, given the initial reception of the motorcycle, it appears this will be the Indian brand that’s going to be around for a very long time.

Roadsmith’s new Indian trike, like the motorcycle itself, promises to be an instant success. A world-class touring motorcycle, coupled with Roadsmith’s 42-year history of building high-quality, independent rear suspension trike conversions, combines to deliver a stylish, new trike that should quickly prove to be one of the company’s top sellers.

Unique styling and incredible performance are the hallmarks of the new Indian brand and these will not be lost on the trike version. Taking its styling cues from the Indian’s iconic, curvaceous fenders, the new Roadsmith Indian Trike looks as if it slipped out of the same time machine as the motorcycle itself. As for the performance, the Indian’s new 111 cu. in. motor is incredibly smooth and powerful and will easily propel this new trike to comfortable cruising speeds and beyond. Adding Roadsmith’s proven, silent, electric reverse, while retaining the bike’s ABS braking system, promises complete control of the trike, no matter which direction the rider is headed.

In the end, the new Roadsmith Indian Trike combines the attributes of a historically significant, high-performance touring motorcycle, with the comfort, safety and handling of a Roadsmith Trike. The result? Nothing less than a 3-wheeled “personal time machine” guaranteed to move the rider through time and space with a twist of the throttle.

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