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PWC sales trend positive in December

Sales growth of personal watercraft continued posting year-over-year gains at the close of 2013, according to the latest figures released from Info-Link Technologies.

PWC sales growth decreased from nearly 20 percent in November to approximately 8 percent in December, a positive increase over the end of 2012. PWC sales growth for 2013 peaked in September after dipping into negative territory through the first half of the year.

For the month of December, 15-foot-plus powerboat sales growth leveled off slightly to 10 percent above the previous December.

Ski boat sales growth has remained very consistent throughout much of 2012 and 2013, staying at or above 10 percent year-over-year sales growth. December’s ski boat figures show growth dipping from approximately 22 percent to just more than 10 percent for the month.

Outboards continue marching along as the healthiest segment of the market, due to many factors including growth of the pontoon market. Sales growth of outboards 15 feet and over decreased slightly to remain at or slightly above the 10 percent market. This category has been in positive territory since April 2011.

The data is based on new U.S. boat registrations. Bellwether states are geographically dispersed states representing roughly half of the US boat market (which varies by market segment and time of year). Full graphs are available here: Info-Link Technologies Bellwether Report.

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