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Actor Armie Hammer journeys cross-country on a Vespa

Actor Armie Hammer, known for his role in “The Lone Ranger,” is venturing across the U.S. with seven friends, all on Vespa LX 150s, in a trip the group is calling “4k The Hard Way — The Vespa Adventure.”

The trip departed from Vespa Sherman Oaks, near Los Angeles, on Jan. 5. The 4,000-mile journey to Key West, Fla., is expected to take about three weeks to complete. When the group checked in on its Facebook page Monday, its last stop had been in Silvertown, N.M.

Armie-Hammer-2Hammer talked about his upcoming trip on a July interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” To see that interview, fast forward to the 1:25 mark on this video.

To follow the trip, like 4k The Hard Way — The Vespa Adventure on Facebook.


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