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Fulmer to sell Shiro helmets to U.S. market

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Fulmer Helmets is kicking off 2014 with a bang by introducing Shiro Helmets to the United States market. Fulmer’s expert factory direct sales force has forged very strong relationships with its dealers in their 40+ years in the motorcycle industry, these relationships will be backbone for a successful U.S. launch of the prominent European brand. Dealers will enjoy the same high margins they are accustomed to but at a higher price point with Shiro Helmets to maximize their bottom line across the board.

Domestic consumers may have yet to hear about Shiro as they have never had a presence in the United States, but the partnership with America’s oldest family-owned helmet company will change that. Shiro was established in 1993 and is currently celebrating its 20th year of success as a major player in world helmet market. They credit their growth to their innovative research team and rider inspired helmet designs. Shiro has a strong presence in the world racing scene and utilizes the feedback of their riders to contribute to every aspect of helmet design and functionality. This collaborative approach to innovation has allowed Shiro to remain true to their mission of providing cutting edge designs that are safe and comfortable for the rider at a reasonable price.

It isn’t every day that a major player in the helmet market willingly introduces a potential competitor to their dealers, but when asked why Fulmer elected to partner with Shiro the answer was shockingly simple, it was all about meeting the needs of their dealers in a difficult market.

“Our dealers love our no-Internet policy and all the steps we take to protect their business and their bottom line, but one thing they were asking for was the same business model for higher price point helmets so they can compete with the online outfits in that arena and maximize their margins across the board. When we began searching for a solution we got word of Shiro’s 20-year history as a family-owned helmet company and saw tremendous parallels between our brands. Shiro seemed like a natural fit and the perfect solution to meet our dealer’s needs,” said Nick LoMonaco, director of powersports for Fulmer Helmets.

The initial wave of Shiro Helmets will hit stores in early 2014 in the form of four distinct models: Full Faced, Off Road, Modular and Dual Sport. Shiro Helmets range in price from $149-$349 and will be available in authorized Fulmer Helmet dealerships across the U.S. in 2014.

Fulmer will continue to sell Shiro helmets direct to their network of dealers and enforce the same no-Internet policy to protect their dealers’ investments and profits.

Digging deeper into both brands history, the parallels are clear. Both companies have been family owned and operated since their inception and have seen great success in their respective markets.

“Fulmer has been family owned and operated for over 40 years, Shiro just celebrated its 20th anniversary and also remains family owned and operated, we share the same core values and principals and the relationship was a natural fit. Shiro will allow our dealers to purchase a higher price point helmet and truly protect their business from the rampant Internet undercutting,” LoMonaco said.

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