UTV forum survey shows consumer trends

Clarity Research data provided exclusively to Powersports Business

An online survey of more than 120 visitors to eight UTV forums found that respondents have a wide range of driving experience, with one-third of the survey takers having five years of more of experience.

The 2012 UTV Forum Monitor, produced by Clarity Research partners Mike Curtis and Dave Pagnucco, is being shared exclusively with Powersports Business.

Survey demographics show that 98 percent of the respondents are male; one-third graduated from college; median household income is $106,400; and the median age is 41.

Of the 122 survey respondents, 96 percent of them own a UTV. And while 33 percent of them have been driving UTVs for five years or more, 22 percent have been driving for less than 1 year and 45 percent have between 1 and 4 years experience.

Most members — 95 percent — use their UTV primarily for recreation/fun “often.” Only 5 percent use their UTV for recreation/fun “sometimes,” with “rarely” and “never” failing to register a vote.

In determining how often respondents use their UTV for work/chores, 15 percent replied “often,” 28 percent said “sometimes,” 26 percent offered “rarely” and 31 percent said “never.”

In looking at terrain, 59 percent of respondents said they drive most often on woods/trail. Dirt road (11 percent), desert (10 percent) and sand/dunes (10 percent) followed. Respondents also ride on marsh/mud (4 percent), ranch/farm (4 percent), asphalt/concrete road (2 percent) and race track (1 percent).

Drivers ride their UTVs with passengers 54 percent of the time, and drive alone 46 percent of the time. Interestingly, 1 in 4 forum members ride with passengers nearly all the time.

Of the respondents, 96 percent own a UTV, and 51 percent own an ATV. On-road (19 percent) and off-road (19 percent) motorcycles ranked higher among powersports units owned by respondents than PWC (16 percent) and snowmobiles (12 percent). The survey shows that 70 percent of forum members own other powersports units in addition to their UTV.

The respondents are heavy Polaris supporters, with 21 percent owning a RZR, 16 percent owning a RZR S and 14 percent owning a RZR XP 900. The Can-Am Commander 1000 is owned by 13 percent of the respondents. The survey also shows that 14 percent of respondents own multiple models.

The survey also finds that 22 percent of forum visitors plan to purchase a UTV within the next year.

About the survey
The study was conducted online from Aug. 30-Sept. 18, 2012. A total of 122 interviews were completed. Members and visitors to eight UTV forums administered by Forum Foundry were asked to participate via a posted invitation on each forum. The survey was self-administered, taking less than six minutes to complete. Respondents were entered into a drawing for a $100 Best Buy gift card for participating in the survey.



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