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Since 2000, Engine Ice has been producing high-performance racing coolant and antifreeze. As the industry leader, we set the bar in providing the powersports customer with the reliability and performance they require. Our proprietary formula succeeds where others fail. The superior heat transferability of Engine Ice coolant and antifreeze keeps your horsepower and performance consistent throughout your adventure. Our exceptional corrosion protection will ensure that you make it back home from the wilderness.

Engine Ice

All three current Engine Ice formulas are propylene glycol-based antifreeze and coolant. Engine Ice uses propylene glycol as the base because of its performance and environmental benefits. It is considerably less toxic than ethylene glycol found in many other antifreeze/coolants in the powersports field. The propylene glycol base, combined with additive packages that offer corrosion and wear protection and reverse osmosis water exceeding ASTM D3306 standards, produces a superior final product.

Engine Ice is made in the United States from our manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have extensive technical resources to guide the Engine Ice brand through improved technologies and formulas for powersports and motorsports applications. Unlike many other coolants in the powersports field, we control all aspects of the product’s life. Controlling the entire process from start to finish is something other coolant brands in the powersports industry cannot do. Our engineers decide on raw materials, blending techniques, filling lines, and final packing. Complete control from start to finish provides the best end product to the Engine Ice user.

Don’t just take our word for it; ask the readers of industry magazines where Engine Ice is consistently chosen as the #1 coolant in their reader surveys and has been for many years. It is chosen almost five to one over any other competitor.

It doesn’t matter if you rely on your machine for work or play, on the track, at the dunes, or in the backwoods getting the job done; you can count on Engine Ice to have your back.

Engine Ice is available from our trusted distribution partners in the powersports business. Reach out to your favorite distributor and order yours today.

For more information go to engineice.com

Engine Ice

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