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Yamaha partners with Lola Cars to develop powertrains for Formula E

Yamaha Motor and Lola Cars Ltd. have signed a technical partnership agreement to develop and supply a high-performance electric powertrain for the Formula E World Championship, the world’s premier racing series for all-electric single-seater vehicles.

Yamaha is re-entering car racing with Lola, which built Indy Cars and Can-Am racecars, among other racing ventures. (Photo credit: Lola Cars, Yamaha Motors)

Through this link to Formula E, Yamaha Motor will work on developing cutting-edge electric technologies to raise its expertise and capabilities in this field. Yamaha will work closely with Lola to develop and acquire energy management technology and the world’s highest power density and efficiency levels.

Lola is a well-established British racing car development company with an extensive international racing background. Lola aims to acquire electric racing technology by planning to develop and supply the manufacturer’s perimeter compliant with Formula E homologation standards.

Yamaha has set a companywide environmental goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. To reach this goal, Yamaha will continue researching and developing technologies that contribute to sustainability.

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