How to create a Waze ad for your powersports dealership

JimJabaayBlog2016If you’re unfamiliar, Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. You can join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a Waze advertisement for your dealership and dive a little deeper as to why you should consider it as a place to advertise.

Your potential customers are driving by your dealership every day, but what are you doing to make them drive into your dealership, instead of past it?

Giant inflatable gorillas, sign-spinners and dancing flags are one way to do it, another way is to purchase a Waze ad. Waze is a smart phone GPS app with many features that drivers love: Traffic reporting, turn-by-turn navigation, accident reporting by severity and many more features. They even feature celebrities to provide the voice of navigation instructions.

Not only do drivers love Waze, but advertisers should love it too. Now, you can advertise your dealership to those driving by for as little as $60/month. If you already use Waze, you may have seen ads pop-up on the screen while you’re at a complete stop. Your dealership will also appear in local searches and you will have access to reporting as well.

How to setup a Waze ad for your dealership

  1. Go to
  2. Hit the Get Started Button
  3. Create a Waze account
  4. Enter your Business Name. Hit Next.
  5. Add an 80-character Business Description
  6. Search for the name of your business. It should auto-fill. Hit Next.
  7. Choose Your Business Type. Hit Next.
  8. Choose Your Budget. The minimum is $2/day. Hit Next.
  9. Enter your Credit Card Information. Hit Verify Payment.
  10. Accept the Terms of Service. Hit Create Account.

Congratulations! You’re now on your way to driving more people to your dealership. Waze can take up to 48 hours to review your account and you will receive an email once your account is approved. Once your account is approved, it will automatically go live and Wazers will be able to see your ads on the map. 

Creating an offer for your dealership using Waze

Waze wants you to think of their ads as “virtual neon signs.” Drivers will see a virtual pin on their map. Pins expand to show business information, deals and more. Ads also appear when driving naturally stops, which means potential customers are one tap away from driving to your dealership.


Waze reporting dashboard

Once you have finished creating your account, you can view your dashboard. You should see a Go To Dashboard button on your screen.

Here is what you can expect to see in your Waze dashboard:

Views – How many people viewed your ad

Engagements – How many people engaged with your ad

Effective cost/action – The cost per action.

Waze is used by many locations across the country to drive more people to their business. Are you using Waze for dealership now, or strongly considering it? Let us know in the comments.

If you are already a LotVantage customer and would like help experimenting with Waze, contact us, and we’ll happily walk you through it.

Jim Jabaay is the vice president of Sales and Marketing for LotVantage, a leader in digital marketing for automotive, powersports, marine and RV dealerships.  Jim has grown up in the automotive industry with the family dealership in the suburbs of Chicago. Jim started at Manheim in sales and continued to grow his career running sales teams throughout Texas for nine years.  Following Manheim, Jim spent two years at Dealertrack expanding his career in the software side of the business.  LotVantage utilizes data to help dealerships understand which inventory to post and when to post it for a local, national and social presence.  Jim’s number one goal is helping dealers succeed in an ever growing and changing dealership world.


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  1. Jim, - wouldn't it be better if the MIC got all the OEMs together and did a national ad to show where all the dealers are? I believe that is what the fast food chains have done.

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