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Snowmobile races announce livestreaming agreement

In an era of ‘cord-cutting’ and Zoom meetings, Michigan-based Midwest International Racing Association (MIRA) has announced that all four of its sanctioned race weekends this winter will be broadcast and streamed live by FloSports.

According to Powersports Business sibling publication Snow Goer, “MIRA-hosted enduro races have often been referred to as the equivalent to NASCAR on ice. Race teams compete on mile-or-less sized ice ovals for hundreds of laps. Pit stops, driver changes and other strategies make this form of racing particularly appealing to some motorsports fans. The big enduro race usually wraps up the race weekend at MIRA events, but the circuit also hosts several classes of shorter oval sprint racing as a part of program… Enduro racing’s most prized event is the Soo I-500 in Sault Ste. Marie, held the first Saturday of February each year. Many sledheads have heard of that event, but the regular-season MIRA events are also very intriguing. Having them available for fans to watch live online will potentially grow its following.”

Details from the official post can be found below. Is your dealership involved in any racing circuits? If so let us know how by sending us an email.

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