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National ‘Ride to Work Day’ promotes motorcycle safety, freedom

National Ride to Work Day, held annually on the third Monday in June, celebrates the joys of motorcycle riding.

According to the National Highway Transit Safety Authority (NHTSA), in 2015 there were 4,976 motorcyclists killed – an 8% increase from the 4,594 motorcyclists killed in 2014. Motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 29 times more frequently than passenger car occupant fatalities in traffic crashes per vehicle mile traveled.

Helmets saved 1,772 motorcyclists’ lives in 2015. However, 740 more lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets. In states without universal helmet laws, 58% of motorcyclists killed in 2015 were not wearing helmets, as compared to 8% in states with universal helmet laws.

Motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes were found to have the highest percentage of alcohol-impaired drivers than any other vehicle types (27% for motorcycles, 21% for passenger cars, 20% for light trucks, and 2% for large trucks).

According to the NHTSA, “motorcyclists know that the freedom and exhilaration of riding is like nothing else, and the NHTSA wants riders to be able to enjoy a full lifetime of that joy because they’ve chosen to ride safely – while wearing a helmet and sober.

“Use Ride to Work Day as a time to review the facts about motorcycle safety, to share them with riders and drivers alike, and to recommit yourself safe riding.”

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