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Court denies plans for New York’s Adirondack Park ending legal battle for trail access

A 4-2 decision issued May 4 by the New York State Court of Appeals said the state’s plan to clear paths for 27 miles of connector trails violated the state’s constitution, siding with the Protect the Adirondacks environmental group that initially filed suit.

While recent court and legislative decisions have benefited communities that rely on powersports trail accessibility for their economic viability, the decision no doubt disappoints many in the snowmobiling community. As all dealership owners know already, access equals sales.

Powerpsorts Business sibling publication Snow Goer has a more in-depth story about the decision, including reaction from Dominique Jacangelo, executive director of the New York State Snowmobile Association.

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Many snowmobiling communities and dealerships rely on trail access for recreation. Expansion of trail systems can often lead to increased powersports interest and sales.

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