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‘The party is over’: Quebec government considering new ATV, snowmobile laws: report

Politicians in Quebec are proposing stricter restrictions for the use of both ATVs and snowmobiles, according to reports.

Currently tabled, if adopted Bill 71 requires that users be no younger than 16 years old and mandates a training course prior to operation. Individuals who allow a minor to use such vehicles without training could face a fine of up to $900, while rental companies could be fined up to $25,000.

The legislation is in response to safety concerns, with nearly 600 fatal accidents occurring throughout the last decade.

“The party is over,” Quebec Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel said Friday, according to CTV News.

Powersports Business reported previously about West Virginia, where new legislation has granted side-by-side legal access to paved country roads at speed less than 55 mph with the proper equipment. West Virginia Motorsports in Princeton has capitalized on the decision by offering both sales and service of conversion kits, as well as becoming an official inspection point.

Bill 71 wouldn’t directly affect U.S. dealerships, but how it’s received by the public will be worth noting.

Politics play an important role in land access for powersports enthusiasts, and access ultimately propels sales. Keep an eye on North American legislation within the industry, because trends often spread elsewhere.

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