Electric motorcycle manufacturer’s stand-alone store is first of its kind in Europe

Zero Motorcycles EMEA announced the opening of the first Zero Motorcycles store and showroom in Europe. The Zero Motorcycles store is located on Calle Corsega 218 in the center of Barcelona, outfitted with motorcycles, accessories and apparel from the brand.

Zero Motorcycles’ partner in this venture is Clevermob SL, the Zero Motorcycles distributor for Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra.

Ismael Castellá, Clevermob’s founder, says he chose to open the Zero store because he considers Zero the brand of reference in the electric motorcycle market.

"Zero Motorcycles represents the best in the market today, that’s why these bikes deserve to be exhibited and presented in the best possible way,” Castellá said.

 “We are thrilled to establish the first European Zero Motorcycles store in Barcelona, a city that is on the vanguard of electric mobility,” said Umberto Uccelli, Managing Director of Zero Motorcycles EMEA. “Spain is at the forefront of Europe in the use of electric vehicles not only for personal use but also as an intelligent and sustainable alternative for public entities. This store in Barcelona represents a milestone in our distribution network development and strategy. We could not be happier to be present in Barcelona with this showroom.”

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