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Long Beach BMW Motorcycles partners on training next generation of riders

Long Beach BMW Motorcycles has partnered with Westside Motorcycle Academy, a CMSP Motorcyclist Training Site, to help train the next generation of riders in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Now for the first time, participants in the Academy’s Motorcycle Training Course will be able to learn to ride on the new BMW G 310 R.

“We have always been proponents of rider training and education,” said Long Beach BMW Motorcycles co-owner and sales manager David Lindahl. “From new riders who are just getting started to lifelong riders with 30 years of experience, we firmly believe that everyone can benefit from courses that enhance your technique and hone your skills. Westside Motorcycle Academy offers crafted curricula to do just that, and we are proud to partner with them in their mission to serve the riding community.”

Long Beach BMW Motorcycles co-owner Charles Berthon, Westside Motorcycle Academy co-owners Erika Willhite and Amanda Cunningham and
Long Beach BMW Motorcycles co-owner David Lindahl aim for rider growth.

With over 30,000 students trained, Westside Motorcycle Academy has been training new, experienced and returning riders since 2005. Participants in the entry-level CMSP-certified MTC (Motorcyclist Training Course) begin their motorcycling journey with classroom sessions held in the Long Beach BMW Motorcycles showroom. From there, riders go to the practice range, where everyone gets on their own training motorcycle to learn the physical skills of how to ride a motorcycle. After completing the entry-level course, riders continue to develop their riding skills by taking WMA’s skills practice and refresher courses.

“We are on a mission to reduce motorcycle fatalities. Riding the right bike, wearing the right gear, riding within your limits and continuing to get training are all ways to stay safe,” said Erika Willhite, co-owner of Westside Motorcycle Academy. “Since BMW pioneered ABS technology for motorcycles, partnering with Long Beach BMW is a great way to expose students to a company with safety ingrained into the design of each bike.”

As part of the partnership, Westside Motorcycle Academy has recently added the new BMW G 310 R into their training fleet. For the first time ever, students now have the opportunity to learn to ride on one of the most technologically advanced small-displacement motorcycles on the market. In addition to the low seat height and light weight, the G 310 R boasts a fuel injected motor and is equipped with ABS.

A Westside Motorcycle Academy student rides the BMW G 310 R during a course.

“As an avid BMW motorcycle owner and motorcycle instructor since 2001, it’s a dream come true to partner with Long Beach BMW Motorcycles,” said Amanda Cunningham, co-owner of Westside Motorcycle Academy.

“It is so important for motorcyclists to receive the proper training, and the courses that Westside Motorcycle Academy offers are among the best,” said Long Beach BMW Motorcycles co-owner and general manager Charles Berthon. “This partnership is a great way to help new riders kick off their motorcycle riding, which is just a part of our larger effort to promote rider training and safety awareness to riders of all levels.”

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