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DragonFire launches UTV tire and wheel brand

 DragonFire has launched a new-from-the-dirt-up line of UTV tires and wheels, with a three-pronged focus on traction, strength and style. System 3 Off-Road by DragonFire is a new brand with an initial product lineup including four tires engineered to serve a range of UTV enthusiast interests, plus two wheel lines covering beadlock and simulated-beadlock designs. The brand will be distributed through Tucker Rocky. 

When engineering the brand’s new tires and wheels, company leaders created a system to prioritize three fundamentals desired by every off-road enthusiast. System 3 tires and wheels exceed that performance benchmark — improved traction, strength, and style — propelling this brand and its unique products ahead of the competition.

System 3 Off-Road UTV Tires

The System 3 Off-Road XM310 Extreme Mud UTV Tire has been torture-tested in the nation’s toughest mud pits. This bog monster UTV tire features 2-inch dual-stage lugs that dig deep to pull out of the sloppiest mud holes. The uniquely styled XM310 will outperform Ag and V-tread style tires, especially in reverse.

XM310 features

– 2-inch deep dual-stage lugs

– Maximum bite in the ruts with stepped shoulder lugs down the sidewall

-Lightweight 8-ply rated bias carcass is true to size and self-cleans

– 29×9.5-14, 31×9.5-14, 33×9.5-18, 35×9.5-18

The innovative System 3 Off- Road XT300 Extreme Trail UTV tire will take on the most punishing trails with traction, strength and style.  This 8-ply rated radial UTV tires excels in loose terrain because of its unique and aggressive dual-stage lugs and wide profile carcass.      

XT300 features

-Deep shoulder steps and wraparound side lugs for maximum side bite

– 8-ply rated advanced radial carcass design delivers a comfortable ride


– Deep rim guard for maximum wheel protection

– High-mileage compound

– 27x10R-14, 28x10R-14, 30x10R-14, 32x10R-14, 33x10R-15

RT320 Race & Trail Tire

Whether you ride on the track, run the trail, or cruise the street, the RT320 Race & Trail Radial UTV tire from System 3 Off-Road lets you do it with better performance and style. This race-ready non-directional UTV tire is ideal for mixed terrain at any speed. It pulls hard on loose surfaces while still giving a smooth and quiet ride on hard pack. The RT320 Race & Trail features a reinforced bead bundle, a thick lower sidewall and a deep rim guard to prevent pinch ats.

RT320 features

– 8-ply rated radial carcass

– Lightweight with wide contact patch

– High-mileage compound for max durability

– Exceeds DOT requirements

– 28x10R-14, 30x10R-14, 32x10R-15

Sand duners will dig the DS340 Dune Sport tire from System 3 Off-Road. It is designed speci cally for today’s high-performance UTVs. You can run this 29-inch UTV tire on either turbo or naturally aspirated machines. The 22mm deep
paddles allow you to dig in and ride the ridge or punch it up the hill, while the dual-rib front tires carve turns and oat with minimal drag.

DS340 features

– Lightweight and exible carcass

– Wide profile for traction and rotation

– Rear: 14 paddles, 22mm deep

– Front: Dual-rib design

– 29×11-14, 29×13-14

System 3 Off-Road UTV Wheels

The ST-3 wheels by System 3 Off-Road simulate an 8-spoke beadlock style, featuring an aggressive split-spoke design. A heavy-duty inner and outer wheel lip and
cadmium-plated bolts show the wheel is built tough. The ST-3 wheels are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. In three nishes: Bronze, Machined, and Matte Black.

ST-3 Simulated Beadlock features

– Split 8-spoke design

– Large lug holes accommodate most hex head lug nuts

– 1000-pound load rating

– Bolt in center cap

– Available in 14×7 and 18×7 sizes

The SB-3 Beadlock is engineered for aggressive riding and punishing terrain. This System 3 Off-Road beadlock wheel features classic Baja styling and rugged modern construc- tion. With a 10mm billet ring, 5/16-inch grade 8 bolts, and a 1,500-pound load rating, it’s the strongest cast UTV wheel on the market. The wheel’s stainless-steel lug inserts are an industry rst for a UTV wheel; these inserts insure a tight t that won’t become oval with use. The SB-3 Beadlock wheels are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. In two nishes: Machined, and Matte Black.

SB-3 Beadlock Features

– 10mm billet ring with 20 5/16-inch grade 8 bolts

– Stainless-steel lug inserts – an Industry First

– 1,500-pound load rating

– Bolt in center cap

– Available in 14×7, 14×10 & 15×7 sizes

– Large lug holes accommodate most hex head lugs

– Notched inner bead face provides leak proof clamping surface • Optional color beadlock rings and black bolts

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