Harley-Davidson CEO Levatich featured on Fox Business Network

Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich appeared on Fox Business Network to discuss President Trump's trade policies, the current retail environment and the company's pricing strategy.

The president's decision to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was discussed, when Levatich commented: "The whole trade environment can't be taken in isolated cases and so it's a very complex issue. ... TPP was in negotiation for almost a decade before it was unfortunately turned down. That would have helped us a lot."

While economic uncertainty has impacted domestic business, Levatich maintained a positive outlook. Harley-Davidson plans to attract future generation of riders by "recreating a passion for motorcycling."

See the video coverage from Fox Business Network below:

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  1. Levitach made some really important points and praised the Motor Company often. What was lacking was praise of his dealers. It's the dealers that continue to make HDMC successful by positively impacting the end user in millions of ways daily. He missed that and he showed his main focus is on international sales. For the last 10-years domestic dealers have been made to feel like the forgotten sons. It's time HDMC gets back to basics - take care of their domestic dealers, suppliers and riders first. International sales should be the icing on the north American cake.

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