Harley-Davidson sued over Twin Cam 103 engine

Two Los Angeles Country customers allege Harley-Davidson's Twin Cam 103 engine is defectively designed and can burn riders, according to an article in the Northern California Record.

Plaintiffs Michael Berke and Wolfgang Costello filed a complaint on Dec. 2 in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

The two customers allege that they were injured after purchasing a motorcycle equipped with a Twin Cam 103 engine and that the "defendants did not warn that the engines are defectively designed and emit high heat, which can burn riders, and shortens the life of the engine."

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  1. iam not a hd guy but sounds like its 2 freeloaders looking for a payoffi

  2. I feel terrible for the customers. It must be horrible to be so ignorant that you're not aware an engine gets hot. Or, that you can be burned on a motorcycle engine.

  3. Seriously ? How damn dumb can you be and such a ridiculous lawsuit ! Whatever happened to what was once known as common sense ?

  4. Bill, I purchased a 2016 Limited. A bike that is in no way cheap. Just so you know, the Limited has water cooled exhaust valves. I've never been burned on any of my other bikes in the 50 years I've been riding. This bike ran so hot it would make my right leg come close to blistering. This occurs when riding in heavy traffic for long periods. So, any riding below 45 MPH is not good. I put fans on the bike to reduce the heat. They worked only to a point. My girl was the heat recipient when they were on.I took the catalytic converter off. That too made a difference but minor. Ambient temp above 80 or so meant that day was going to be rough if the bike speed was bellow 60. So, "Freeloader", I think not. A bad design? Maybe. I throw this right at the feet of the EPA. All the manufactures are having a rough time meeting the strict mandates placed upon them by folks that "mean well" but have no clue.

  5. If you have never ridden a Twin cam 103, you don't know what heat is.

  6. Jeffrey, please rid one of these bikes in 85 degree or above weather. Get stuck in 45 MPH traffic and get back to me. In fact, wait in a 2 and 1/2 mile back up, stop and go traffic, then get back to me. There is a problem.

  7. While this sounds ridiculous, after watching the documentary 'Hot Coffee', it could be legitimate.

  8. Apparently there's not enough warning labels on the bike to tell you the pipes get hot.

  9. Michelle Taylor

    I don't think it's the pipes they are talking about. If you have one, you know. I was really surprised at the amount of heat coming off this engine where the seat and tank meet. Not so bad when riding but stopped it feels like your sitting on hot coals. I was extremely happy they had a heat deflector after market part I could get. It didn't solve it, but certainly helped.

  10. Yes you have the EPA mandated catalytic converter on all harley to blame for 50% of the heat.

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