Beijing considers plans to cut congestion on city’s roads

The city of Beijing, China, is considering charging drivers who travel during heavily congested times in an effort to reduce traffic and pollution and alleviate parking pains.

Beijing’s city legislature looks to pass the congestion charge legislation this year, though a full plan to reduce congestion would take a few years to create, Rong Jun, a member of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport told Bloomberg. It’s expected the congestion charges will be implemented by 2020.

Beijing has already introduced a car license plate lottery and a program that restricts the days a driver can travel on heavily congested roads, based on their license plate number.

The measures are needed as auto sales have increased 17 percent over the past five years to 5.61 million vehicles, and Beijing is struggling with pollution issues and a lack of parking spaces for the vehicles.

To read more on Beijing’s traffic congestion from Bloomberg, click here.

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