Brammo Inc. grows after selling motorcycle business

Craig Bramscher, founder and CEO of Brammo, Inc. has experienced record growth since selling his motorcycle business, according to an article on

Bramscher made the decision to sell his electric motorcycle business to Polaris Industries in 2014 to pursue other markets “while developing lithium batteries and electric vehicle power trains for the motorcycles.”

With this business decision, Brammo Inc. to reinvent itself as an energy storage, power train and engineering services company has gained a minimum of $58 million worth of signed contacts. Brammo now offers coverage for a wide variety of powersports vehicles, including UTVs, snow-clearing machines and motorcycle batteries. The company also produces lithium batteries and power trains for Polaris.

Bramscher said in an interview: “We’ve pivoted into a lot of markets that we can address with our technology… we’ve never had a $58 million backlog before, and I’m more confident than ever.”

The company looks forward to increased profits in 2017 and will likely double, if not triple, it’s current staff size.

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